The Side Effects of Consuming Zeaxanthin

Zeaxanthin is an essential carotenoid compound present in the central portion of the retina of the eye called macula. It is found accumulated with some part of another compound known as lutein that produces another compound Meso Zeaxanthin. all the three compounds together save and clarify the vision of the eye as they filter the blue light rays form sun and calm them down before they reach the photocells of the retina to form a picture there.

In fact no clear side effect of Zeaxanthin had so far been detected but instead of it there are many reasons to maintain the level of Zeaxanthin within our body by consuming diets that are rich in Zeaxanthin and its co-nutrient lutein as they both are the effective anti-oxidants.  Zeaxanthin prevents the effect of age related macular degeneration in the old age of a person. This degeneration is caused due to the deficiency of Zeaxanthin in the macular portion of retina from its contact with blue light rays. But Zeaxanthin can not be produced naturally within our body therefore it has to be recovered through certain foods, vegetables or/and certain food supplements rich in Zeaxanthin and lutein.

Instead of side effects of Zeaxanthin, it has several benefits for the macular portion of retina as it forms a thick layer of antioxidants on retina and macula to save them from being damaged by the blue light rays from sun and keep the vision clear and fine. The deficiency of these carotenoids, Zeaxanthin and lutein, can be recovered through our diet rich in these ingredients. This layer of antioxidants in the retina acts as a barrier to the harmful rays of light and also filter the light rays before reaching the retina to form a picture for clear vision. The thinning of this layer leads to the increase in the macular degeneration of the retina which is most probably caused in old age.

The oxidizing effect of the blue light rays from sun cause the degeneration of macula in the central part of retina to cause loss in vision. Instead of side effect of Zeaxanthin, if its deficiency is covered by introducing Zeaxanthin rich diet or supplement it may cause upto night blindness or complete blindness. Your life may each to a stand still position if the antioxidant layer of Zeaxanthin is not procured well in time. The nutritious diet including the ingredients of Zeaxanthin should be taken with the advice of certain ophthalmologist.

Researches are still on for the search of side effect of Zeaxanthin, if any. The deficiency of this nutritious antioxidant can be recovered quickly only through supplements, rich in Zeaxanthin and lutein, available in the market. But before deciding for any of the supplements of the Zeaxanthin, you should consider certain points like the quantity of Zeaxanthin should be mentioned on the label in mg instead of mcg, which is a very low quantity and the supplement should be multivitamin based instead of only Zeaxanthin.

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