Beta Carotene’s Color

The color orange is good for your health. What I meant to say is beta carotene color is orange and this organic compound makes you healthy. It boosts your immune system. Beta carotene belongs to the family of carotenoids present in fruits and vegetables that has antioxidant properties and destroys cancer causing agents. It performs this deed by restraining those agents from oxidation of our healthy cells. Other uses of this nutrient incorporate being the natural cure for common cold, fever and … [Read more...]

Overview of Beta Carotene in Carrots

Everyone must have seen orange colored carrots but these root vegetables are of other colors too like purple, white and pink-red. As you know, Bugs bunny loves this vegetable; but humans adore it too because of its innumerable benefits to human health. The combination of beta carotene and carrots in our diet provides us with the required boost we need for our immune system to strong enough to take on infection causing bacteria and deadly viruses. Beta carotene levels of carrot juices are found … [Read more...]

Beta Carotene for Pregnant Women

A bulk of beta carotene is available inside a lot of food stuffs like broccoli, collard greens, papayas and sweet potatoes. The richest source can be found in carrots (reason for its orange color). It is to be brought to your attention that this bulk of beta carotenes undergo a process of conversion which makes them vitamin A. That is why this nutrient is also called pro-vitamin A. The real reason behind me wanting you to know this fact is that having lots of beta carotene is not the same as … [Read more...]

Beta Carotene’s Effects of Smokers

Many concerned researchers conducted survey and performed studies to find out that people consume meager amount of vitamins B6 and E through their daily diet. Our intake of calories, unwanted fats, harmful cholesterol and sources of sodium is quite high. Especially women have very little iron, zinc, vitamin B9 and calcium. That is the reason multi-vitamins must become a vital part of your diet. The primary nutritional requirements of adults who have a habit of smoking are quite similar to … [Read more...]

Beta Carotene for the Skin

Healthy skin is the result of balanced diet, minimum amount of stress (work or household), protecting your skin from harmful particles in the environment and having lots of beta carotene for the skin Some foods bear more importance for the skin than others. Garlic is known to be one of such food-stuffs. Sulphur compounds in them are worth noticing. The pungent odor you get from them is because of the presence of sulphur. But it is the same thing that performs the function of an antibiotic … [Read more...]

Beta Carotene Formula

Out of the commonly occurring natural carotenoids, beta carotene is the one that imparts some of the plants and fruits their orange pigmentation. Orange colored foods include papayas, yams and carrots and the green colored ones are collard greens, and spinach. Beta carotene formula in its chemical structure imparts the fruits that specific color. In the same way the pink color you notice on shrimp and the one who eats them, flamingos is all because of beta carotene. These pigments are so strong … [Read more...]

Beta Carotene Oils

Carrier oils play a major role in aromatherapy. Each variety of oil provides some or the other amalgamation of therapeutic characteristics. Fighting against cellulite is the best job done by some of these oils. If you want to treat cellulite naturally then these oils are your best friends. Out of them beta carotene oil will provide with the best results. I sense a question has popped up in your mind regarding the definition of carrier oils. Carrier oils are known to be basic or herbal oils … [Read more...]

Toxicity Level of Beta Carotene

The health of your skin cells depend on what you eat. If you a have nutritious food then it’s your gain or if you are the “junk food rocks” kind of person then you are in for an older looking skin at a very early age. The aim should be to eliminate foods from your diet which contain harmful pollutants and instead have a lot of antioxidant containing fruits and vegetables. Let me throw some light on the topic of nutrients which help you detoxify. Beta carotene toxicity removal capacity is … [Read more...]

Vegetables High in Beta Carotene

Just because this nutrient is fat-soluble it does not mean that it should be consumed with the help of pills and jellies. In the recent years people have become more and more concerned about their health. They are getting the idea about how a good nutritional diet can help them live a longer and healthier life. People who read various health related books and articles are becoming aware of the importance of fruits and vegetables with beta carotene. Deficiency of this nutrient gives rise to … [Read more...]

Beta Carotene and Cancer: The Chronicle of Curing the Cause

There are over a million people in the world who get diagnosed with cancer in a year. Even though research and development is furthering its approach in discovering the cure for cancer and by far has been able to near the cure, cancer cannot be cured completely. It is a rare plague that can be nursed only when detected initial blooming stage later on a person may seem doomed and unfortunate. However, cancer can be prevented by consuming antioxidants on a regular basis. Beta-Carotene and cancer … [Read more...]