Beta Carotene and Smokers

Beta-carotene and smokers do not go well together. Smoking is injurious to health but there are factors too that influence smokers to invite bad health. Smoking induces many chronic illnesses that are burdensome and arduous to deal with. In fact, there are certain food items that can create obstacles on the health front for a smoker when he tries to consume them on regular basis. Smokers and Non-smokers are differentiated only on a sole base that is smoke. A smoker exhales smoke while a … [Read more...]

Beta Carotene’s Effects on Acne

Are you the person with zits or pimples in your college or office? If you are then this article will be very useful to you and if you are not its victim then this will help you prevent it from happening.  It has been a depression creating issue for many people all over the world. Acne is the problem of around 17 million Americans. That should make you understand how common this skin disease is. Acne vulgaris is the official term used to describe it. It is the result of inflammation of sebaceous … [Read more...]

Beta Carotene RDA: The Fundamental Amount

The phrase, ‘more of everything is bad’ appropriately suits all the walks of life. It defines how greed can ruin your mind and body and eventually will crawl in to your life and dominate it too. Foodies and food aficionados do not quiet agree with the above statement but fail to cogitate the fine line between tasting and gorging. You will notice food enthusiasts most of times do not keep the count of chicken wings they must have gobbled or sandwiches they must have munched on by defending … [Read more...]

Beta Carotene and Lung Cancer: An Overview

Beta-Carotene may be well-known and accolade for its chemo-preventive properties, as it’s the first in its group to behold a cancer preventive measure. There are thousands of people admitted in the hospitals for medical emergencies for reasons of over dosage. Such negligence promotes health and fitness as just a fad and not a constant effort to be healthy. People are obsessed with the idea of looking perfect from out no matter how critical their inverse condition may be. Passive thinking is a … [Read more...]

Side Effects of Beta Carotene Overdose

Overdose of everything leads to unforeseen consequences that can be mild as well as severe. Eighty percent of the medical emergencies are always noted for over dosage of drugs and medicines. Even educated people make the mistake of going over-board and then retaliate for their action by undergoing serious medical therapies. There are many supplements in the market assuring people their wellness and strength to overcome life’s hardships but what they do not disclose are the side-effects of that … [Read more...]

Natural Sources of Beta Carotene

Beta carotene that transforms in to retinol is a red-yellow colored food pigment in our body. It has enjoyed celebrity status for quite a while now in the world of nutrients. That’s because it has been proven to fight against agents causing cancer. It is has become a matter of discussion in almost every medical conferences. Its benefits have been included included in many issues of health magazines. The craze began to descend only when the number of cases of health problems caused by overdose … [Read more...]

Beta Carotene as an Antioxidant

Beta-carotene is a red-yellow pigment that turns to vitamin A as soon as it enters our body. The significance of beta-carotene has been understood in the last few decades and it has been in the roller coaster ride since then. Due to the healing powers that it contains it has gained a lot of importance. Beta carotene as an antioxidant has gained immense popularity. Scientist have talked about beta carotene as an antioxidant that is known to lower the rates of heart diseases and cancer. Since … [Read more...]

About Beta Carotene Deficiency

Testing for beta carotene deficiency is very important thing in a person’s life because the other name for beta carotene is provitamin A. That means when this nutrient enters in to our body it converted retinol. Retinol is nothing but the functional form of vitamin A. If a person does not have enough vitamin A in their system then it could have really bad ramifications such as unable to clearly see objects under weak sources of light. The condition is called night blindness and is more of a … [Read more...]

Beta Carotene for Hair

Beta carotene is the vitamin which is naturally a part of our foods such as apricots, sweet potatoes and most importantly carrots. If you see a fruit which is either shades of yellow or red then you probably looking at a safe source of such nutrient. A powder of Beta carotene for hair is used in many coloring agents these days because of its feature of providing coloring pigments. This nutrient provides plenty of antioxidants which are effective in decreasing the percentage free radicals in … [Read more...]

Beta Carotene for Tanning

There are two types of tanning pills made from natural substances. The first kind is made up of tyrosine which could fuel the skin’s natural process of tanning because this nutrient is the one which converts itself into melanin during the tanning procedure. Melanin is the skin pigment which is brown in color. The second variety is totally different. These are the pills that use beta carotene for tanning along with canthaxanthin and other vital nutrients. These contain numerous pigments which … [Read more...]