Capsaicin’s Effects on Cancer

Cancer is one of the most fatal diseases in today’s time around the world. The disease is concerned with uncontrollable and abnormal growth of cells in the human body. According to WHO (World Health Organization), 6.7 million deaths were caused around the globe due to different types of cancer and this value increases every year. Scientists all over the world have been researching over cancer as to discover treatment for it. There have been modern treatments like chemotherapy but most of … [Read more...]

Capsaicin for Arthritis

Arthritis is a joint disorder in which inflammation in one or more joint occurs. There are typically 100+ forms of arthritis but the most common ones are osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis etc. As arthritis is considered with joints, the common complaints which people suffering from arthritis have is joint pain. Usually the pain is near the area where the joint has got the disease. The primary cause of the pain is inflammation of the joint, wearing or tearing of the joint, … [Read more...]

Capsaicin for Sinuses

Sinusitis is refer to inflation in the paranasal sinuses due to certain reasons like allergies, infections etc. Sinusitis is a commonly found disease and it is mostly an acute disease which takes around 10 days for total recovery. In the United States itself, there have been 24 million cases of sinuses annually. Though chronics sinuses stay for a much longer time which can be up to 8 weeks! Differentiation between acute and chronic sinuses is a major problem due to the fact that both have got … [Read more...]

Side Effects of Capsaicin

Capsaicin is the naturally occurring active compound which is found in capsicum, chili and peppers. It is an antioxidant and a beneficial medicine for many diseases including cancer, obesity, arthritis etc. However, it is a naturally occurring medicine but still some people may face certain types of side effects while using capsaicin products. There are many types of capsaicin products which are available in the market. Some of the commonly found products are creams, supplements, lotion, … [Read more...]

Capsaicin for Weight Loss

You must have recently come through this newly evolved scientific theory that pepper can lead to weight loss. Well, the truth is that there are certain compounds in pepper which help in achieving loss of weight in our body. So, rather than chewing tons of pepper just thinking that you’ll lose weight isn’t really the right way of doing so. There is no food which can actually burn your body fats, the secret lies herein certain compounds which are present in a few food items. These compounds … [Read more...]

Capsaicin and Its Utilities

Capsaicin is normally found in all the peppers, hot in nature, which makes the food spicy. It can be used in any kind raw, cooked or powdered which can be added to your food and drinks as per your requirement. It reacts irritatively and causes burning sensation to the human skin if applied on it. The food ingredients containing capsaicin are used to make the cuisines spicy. The members of pepper family that are hot in nature have capsaicin of high level in them. It can burn your mouth if the … [Read more...]

The Health Benefits of Capsaicin

Capsaicin, the scientific name for chilies is a healthy spice in which most of us use it in our daily food items.  This chemical compound was first separated from chillies and peppers in cystal form in the year 1978.  This remarkable health promoting chemical substances has its remarkable benefits.  This capsaicin is used in preparing creams and ointments which can cure many maladies.  The creams are most often used to get relief from joints and muscle pains. Repeated use of this cream to … [Read more...]

Capsaicin in Peppers and Its Versatility

Though it is not easy to pronounce ‘capsaicin’ but it is suitable for someone who relishes the spicy foods as it is the name of the chemical that make peppers hot and is used with a wide range of products to give you surprising tastes. Capsaicin is an alkaloid, stable and extremely powerful, produced, at the junction of pod walls and placenta of pepper, by the glands as a crystal, according to the scientists, and is usually found in pepper chili only. Chili pepper is the best thing to … [Read more...]

How Capsaicin Can Help Treat Shingles

Around 850,000 people from America are victims of shingles. Its appearance does not have a age factor but it is common among people who are aged above fifty because that is the age when their immune system starts becoming weaker day by day. Virus named varicella-zoster is responsible for causing this disease and for your knowledge even chickenpox is caused by this virus. It is known to infect the skin’s nerve endings. This virus usually affects the region around the abdomen but it’s not … [Read more...]

Capsaicin for Diabetes

Capsaicin is a chemical compound found in chilli peppers and in others plants belonging to the genus capsicum. Capsaicin and similar compounds known as capsaicinoids are known to be irritants of the human skin and cause a severe burning sensation. Overdose of capsaicin can also prove lethal. However, researchers have discovered that the use of capsaicin for diabetes can help bring the blood sugar levels in control and can also help cure type I diabetes. The finding has been verified by … [Read more...]