Flavonoids in Food an Its Importance

Flavonoids are more commonly known as Vitamin P and Citron. Flavonoids are a compulsory intake for an individual. Flavonoids are widely available in plants. Flavonoids needs to be consumed by an individual in proper quantity otherwise it may lead to many health issues during the old age. Flavonoids in food are the best way of consuming Flavonoids as Flavonoids is not a substitute that can be ignored. It is an essential part of human body. Flavonoids in food are the best way of consumption of … [Read more...]

The Significance of Flavonoids in Plants

Flavonoids are the natural substances that are found in the plants and act as antioxidants for the betterment of mankind. These are normally known as bio-flavonoids and have the potential to protect human being from the risk of many diseases, even chronic and fatal diseases. Flavonoids in plants do not play much part in the development of the plant but it is there for the development of human being. One can get the advantage of these flavonoids by consuming fruits and vegetables and secure … [Read more...]

What Are Flavonoids?

The term flavonoids is derived from its latin word Flavus which means yellow known as vitamin p. Flavonoids are present in plants fulfilling many functions. These are the plant pigments for flower coloration.  These are used for the coloration of flowers’ petals in blue or red to attract pollinator animals.  The following paragraph explains in detail about what are flavonoids. These pigments are present in vegetables, fruits, berry fruits and beverages such as tea and fruit juices.  This … [Read more...]

The Role of Flavonoids as Antioxidants

Before knowing about antioxidants, first you shall know about oxidation.  It is a chemical reaction in which the transfer of electrons from a substance to oxidizing agent takes place.  Antioxidant means a molecule which is having capability of slowing the oxidation of other molecules. They terminate the chain reactions by removing intermediates.  Flavonoids are phenolic substances separated from the vascular plants over 8000 known compounds.   Plants are scavenger free due to the presence … [Read more...]

Tea Flavonoids: Rich in Antioxidants

Flavonoids are the naturally found polyphenol antioxidants in the plants also known as bio-flavonoids. They are the compounds present in the plants, not directly linked with the development of the plant. Thus, flavonoids are the nutrients that are beneficial for mankind, which can be obtained from the plants by consuming fruits and vegetables as they secure human being from certain diseases like reducing the risk of certain cancers, age-related degenerative diseases, and heart … [Read more...]

Flavonoids for Tinnitus: An Effective Treatment

Flavonoids, a plant food ingredient, work as antioxidants for the human body to reduce the intensity of several diseases, even of fatal nature. It is found in various forms and hence been classified into various classes like flavonoids, iso-flavonoids and neo-flavonoids. Though these are found in plants but they have a little role in the development of plants. These useful compounds of plants are beneficial for human being and can be taken from plants by consuming fruits and vegetables. Thus, … [Read more...]

Flavonoids: The Uncertain Cancer-Fighting Factors

The news ‘mostly the cancers are related with the diet disorders’ and the researches had  exposed this fact that, as AICR, US says, 30-40% of cancer cases are found due to diet and over weight. But many food items are supposed to carry the risk reducing elements as flavonoids etc. that are found in a variety of foods from plants. It is for this reason, the scientists and medical professionals are stressing on plant foods more than other types of foods. Plants food like fruits and vegetables … [Read more...]

Flavonoids in Chocolate: A Tasty Treat for the Heart

The news, ‘eating a small quantity of dark chocolate daily can be good for the health of your heart’, might be shocking to you but it is a proven truth by several scientists in United States. Several scientific and medical researches have proved it to be true through several experiments which may interest you a lot. The researchers created two teams of 21 adults and gave dark chocolate bars rich in Epicatechin, a flavonoid from plants, daily for two weeks to one team A. The second team B … [Read more...]

Flavonoids: The Antioxidants and Stress Relievers

Flavonoids are also called as bio-flavonoids, because they are mostly naturally occurring compounds being extracted from vegetables, berries and fruits directly. For example, citrus flavonoids are present in lemon, orange, tangerine etc. The colours and flavours of the fruits and vegetables are due to these organic compounds. They can be classified as subset of plant polyphenols, from chemistry point of view. The biologists have identified about 6000 flavonoids till now. One interesting fact is … [Read more...]

Flavonoids in Cocoa: Try Out Medicinal Chocolate

Archaeologists say that bond of human beings with cocoa was established around 1750 BC. The engagement of cocoa in making of chocolates was started in Mexico and South America. Cocoa has served as a currency to ingredient of some great luxurious ceremonial drinks. After all, it was and it is recognised for its medicinal properties. All medicinal properties of flavonoids in cocoa are restored for clinical purposes. Scientists are taking great interest in dark chocolate flavonoids. Cocoa was … [Read more...]