Lutein’s Role as an Antioxidant

Lutein is a natural pigment in our body and this helps to protect the retina of the eyes and skin from harmful ultra-violet rays hence, it can be said that Lutein as an antioxidant helps the body to be safe. Lutein as an antioxidant protects the eyes and skin from not only ultra-violet rays, it also protects the skin and eyes from the other harmful rays. Lutein as an antioxidant needs to be consumed by every individual so that it is always present in the body to protect us from ultra-violet … [Read more...]

What is the Proper Lutein Dosage?

Lutein is a pigment that is produced in the retina of an individual’s eye. Lutein absorbs the blue light due to which the individual’s vision is clear. This is when it is naturally available in an individual’s eye. But if there is lack of Lutein in an individual’s retina then his vision can be affected thus, leading to lack of proper vision. In such cases, Lutein dosage is taken by an individual externally. There are many supplements in the market that provides Lutein dosage. Presence of … [Read more...]

Lutein for Eye Health

Lutein which is pronounced as Looteen is a color pigment found mostly in the darkly colored leafy vegetables. The main source of lutein is spinch; however, it is found in many other vegetable and corn. The yolk of the eggs also contains lutein. Lutein has various positive effects on the human body. Mainly it supports the skin and eyes of the human body. You can find one similarity among eyes and skin and that is both of them are exposed to the sun screen. Yes, lutein helps the organs, which … [Read more...]

About Macular Degeneration Due to Lack of Lutein

Macular degeneration is a disease in which the eye-sight of an individual is reduced by some effects in retina. Macular degeneration is generally seen in old aged people. Macular degeneration reduces the eye sight of an individual and hence, it becomes compulsory for an individual to take treatment at the early stages. Lutein for Macular Degeneration is the best medicine. Lutein dosage can be given to an individual so that the Macular Degeneration is reduced. Macular degeneration affects the … [Read more...]

Supplements for Lutein

Daily supplements of lutein within integration with the vitamin A seems to reduce vision deficiency associated with the retinitis pigmentosa, in accordance to the results of an irregular, controlled, as well as double-blind. Writing compendium of Ophthalmology,the American scientists announce that daily supplement consist of 12 mg of carotenoid  with 15 000 international unit of vitamin joined the shop in mid-peripheral vision. Retinitis pigmentosa it is number of genetic eye diseases its … [Read more...]

Lutein as a Vitamin

Found in some fruits and vegetables, and egg yolk, the lutein is the nutrient along with number of actively useful results. He is the member of carotenoid classes, a class of the chemicals in terms of vitamin A. When beta-carotene, a precursor of vitamin A, carotenoids may be best known, there are about 600 others, whose effects have not been widely studied. In addition to lutein and include alpha-carotenes, lycopenes, zeaxanthin as well as beta-cryptoxanthins. Within the world of plants, … [Read more...]

The Benefits of Lutein

Carotenoids are yellow pigments, red and orange plants. Lutein, a carotenoid found in large amounts in the tissues of the eye may have a value in treating macular degeneration and age-related cataracts, two leading causes of its vision loss in person over 60 years. Lutein may also have other benefits. High doses of lutein may be a risk has not been determined. Ask your doctor before discussing lutein as the supplement for the treatment of medical conditions. Lutein is antioxidant,it destroy  … [Read more...]

Lutein for Eye Health

Age Macular degeneration has been one of the main reason of uncontrollable blindnliess in people over 55 years. As this proceeds, smaller, flimsy blood vessels start growing within retina. These carriers sometimes leaks blood as well as fluid that can cause damages. Few of these early traces of the macular chronic might be muzzy visions, perpendicular lines appear coiled, as well as darkish and vacant places within central visions. Macula is cental position of your retina and produces a sharp … [Read more...]

Side Effects of Lutein

Our eyes is the most valuable assets and lutein may help maintain a form of election for  long peroids.It is something most of us are aware of today. However, it is prudent to asked about side effects of carotenoid before you start conversation it. Now, the power and its side effects of  carotenoid, if any, will depend on it's consumption. The main source of its nutrient in the diet are green vegetables such as  Brussels sprouts,spinach,, green fruits . You can, if the yolk as well. If … [Read more...]

What is Lutein?

As a component of an healthy retina, carotenoid has been subject in many researches during the past several  period. Most of it's study group have pronounced on the link between  carotenoid and the macular degeneration. The macular degeneration now affects on 1.2 millions 0f Americans. There are currently no effective treatments for this disease. As a result, macular degeneration prevention comes into the most important. Macular degenerations believed it to be a lifestyle-related disease. … [Read more...]