Antioxidants in Algae

To deal with the free radicals and the species of reactive oxygen in our normal cells we need different enzymes and also some non- enzymatic substances. Enzymatic factors include peroxidase and its non-enzymatic counterpart incorporate ascorbic acid. The real problem arises when there is an imbalance between amount of oxidation and the supply of antioxidants to our body cells. Over a period of time this oxidation starts to become harmful for our body and those free radicals start bringing … [Read more...]

Supplements High in Antioxidants

Including antioxidants in your daily diet is the key to good health and improved lifestyle. If you want to opt for supplements high in antioxidants then there are a variety of them available in the market that are in no way harmful to your health and are 99% natural. Field grown fruits and vegetables are available but then you will not be to able track the exact amount of antioxidants you are consuming. There are a lot of benefits of having more antioxidants from supplements than from natural … [Read more...]

Antioxidants in Acai Berries

On the lands of Panama and Brazil are the countries from Central America which are known to have palm tree bearing a fruit called acai berry. The inhabitants of this region used this fruit as regular part of their diet for certain ailments and in general to stay fit. The reason behind this fruit being so powerful and that it helps people keep well is because of the antioxidants in acai. The antioxidant content of acai berry is known be 10 times that of grapefruit and shockingly 30 times that of … [Read more...]

Antioxidants in Spirulina

Now-a-days malls are filled those health supplements, protein shakes, diet pills which promises complete health package but most of them turn out to be just fakes or sometimes even cause bad side-effects. Out of all this an aquatic plant stands out to be a ultimate health food and it’s named Spirulina. There are more than 25,000 varieties of algae available in our world. Spirulina is one of them. Our body needs carotenoids in plenty and Spirulina provides us with the same and to be specific … [Read more...]

Chemo-Protective Antioxidants in Turmeric

Asia is divided into numerous countries but there is one element common in their cuisine that is turmeric. The cooks and food lovers know the tremendous favors turmeric bestows on their body. The antioxidants in turmeric are an absolute benefit to your health. You might be unfamiliar or ignorant but turmeric must have solemnly compensated and mended the malfunctions in your anatomy as you stay unaware. There are lots of things in the world that people never give a thought to, this is one of … [Read more...]