Antioxidants in Green Tea

We had studied in school life that we require oxygen for living. This oxygen gets us the energy we require by processing the fats, carbohydrates and other nutrients in the body but we have also seen rusted iron in our surroundings that’s the work of same oxygen we breathe. A quite similar kind of reaction takes place inside our body too and to be specific inside our body cells, which leads to harmful byproducts known to people by the name free radicals. Free radicals the word may not seem so hazardous but its functions are. Molecules coming in contact with those free radicals get themselves converted to free radicals. As the population of free radicals increases it starts creating problems to the functioning of organs by causing cell degeneration. Cell degeneration is the last thing we want for our body because it gives rise to various life deteriorating diseases. But usually people don’t come across such problems because of the presence of antioxidants. They are the ones responsible for nullifying the ill effects of prooxidants.

Our nature itself provides us with abundance of antioxidants containing substances like fruits and herbs which help us fight those hazardous free radicals. Fruits include blueberries, grapes etc. The people in China used to have it since ages. The plant we are looking for is Camellia sinensis and the general term for it is the green tea plant.  Antioxidants in green tea are one of the most favored features of it. But it also has other nutrients which is very good for our health.

Green tea has touched the lips of numerous people in India and Japan since ancient times. Not only for their antioxidizing properties but they also have analeptic features. Other astonishing qualities consist of working as wound healer. It also helps in improving heart conditions in people.

Scientists have found out the component in green tea responsible for the antioxidants in green tea and it’s known as Catechin. Catechin is a renowned flavonoid and is most popular for its antioxidant qualities. Tanin and vitamins like carotene and Tocopherol are the other forms of antioxidants present in green tea.

There are various kinds of antioxidants. One of them is polyphenolic antioxidant.  Catechin belongs to that family. Researchers have claimed anti-carcinogenic attributes of the antioxidants in green tea. They found other astounding features of them like cardio-protective and neuro–protective. These antioxidants take action against microbes too which are born to destroy our cells. Epigallocatechin gallate is the bioactive flavonoid responsible for the anti- carcinogenic feature of green tea.

                  Green tea has been famous for other reasons too for instance it is incorporated in almost every weight loss mantras we see now-a-days. It is purchased in tablet for too in such cases. Fast cell regeneration and latency in the oxidation process is the idea behind anti-ageing. Green seems to work wonders in both these aspects because of its antioxidants. The weight loss feature of green tea is mainly due to excretion of toxins but they also help reduce formation of fat tissues. Ginseng is sometimes added to green tea to include an energizing property to it. The above advantages apply only when green tea is consumed regularly along with cardiovascular exercises and a strict non fat diet.  It’s not magic, it’s science!

The best part of having green tea is that, that there are no side-effects involved at all. It just keeps on improving the metabolisms in your body thus leading us for a healthy life. The antioxidants in green tea is the reason behind why green is one of the best and healthiest beverages in the word.

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