Beverages High in Antioxidants

There are various sources of antioxidants available in the world and we all know about the innumerous health benefits of antioxidants like anti-carcinogen, anti-ageing and detoxification but the question how much antioxidant does our favorite beverage contain which is our very integral part of our diet. You may think otherwise but according to researches humans can get a lot more antioxidants from beverages than from edible food. Let’s take up the list of beverages high in antioxidants.

            Tea plant is composed of 5-6% caffeine. This is the substance which stimulates our brain cells. Different people have different capacity of caffeine but the lower proportions are a better option for you.  Most of the diseases now-a-days are because of the lavish lifestyles people are living. To counteract on such life threatening diseases we need antioxidant activity in our body cells with the help of poly-phenols. Green tea provides 50% of the total poly-phenols we consume from beverages while coffee contributes 34% in that matter. Remaining beverages provide a meager 10%.

The epidemiology department has proved the role played by tea catechins in reducing the risk of chronic diseases but their stability when drunk with beverage additives is poorly understood by them. This is because catechins absorbed with additives are totally different aspect during digestion. The positives of having green tea daily will be clear to you and everyone around you. It bears fat-burning capabilities and keeps physically active all the time. It promises to regulate your blood sugar level. The cholesterol blocking your arteries will start unclogging and it includes LDL cholesterol as well. Your mental performance starts to find a kick-start. Beverages high in antioxidants are the reason your gastrointestinal tract has not inflamed yet.

How could you forget the early morning cup of coffee as your primary source of antioxidants! Some of the most recent studies on coffee antioxidants have identified that it poses the skill to fight against diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, thinning of bone tissues, lever cancer etc.  Coffee has large proportion of antioxidants in the form of chlorogenic acids and caffeic acids but its major constituent is poly-phenols. Glucose metabolism in our body is aided by the presence of a lot of Tocopherols and the mineral magnesium. There is an important nutrient named Quinine which is part of coffee that gives us the ability to respond to insulin in our blood. That is why diabetes patients are recommended regular coffee absent sugar. Among the beverages high in antioxidants coffee is the one which contains so many different flavonoids and other nutrients like lignins, cinnamic acid and caumarins. Have you ever heard someone telling you avoid coffee when you are not feeling well? Now you have a reason for it in the next sentence. Trigonelline is the substance scientists gave the most importance to because of its quality to eradicate bacteria who try to make us unhealthy. This thing so amazing that is helps us stay protected from dental cavities. Roasting is the process you adopt when you need to elevate the antioxidant contents of those magic beans of coffee.

Beverages high in antioxidants also include the juice of acai berry. Amazon rain forest close Brazil is the place where it is cultivated over millions of acres of area of land. The native tribes of that region have made this juice an integral part of their diet. Antioxidants in this fruit are known for its mopping of free radicals from our body and make us robust against diseases which debilitate us. Beverages having such diverse abilities should definitely be a part of our daily diet for the rest of our lives.

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