Drinks High in Antioxidants

Antioxidants are a must for our body especially our skin. Nobody wants that wrinkly skin. People think their only solution is costly facial products. But you can save all those unwanted expenditures by having lots of drinks high in antioxidants.

Anti-oxidants are found in abundance in fruits and veggies so the best drinks would be to drink their juices. That will help undo the effects of those unwanted free radicals in your system. The stress is on fruits and vegetables because researches have proved that only 100 percent natural products have the maximum proportion of anti-oxidants. Darker juices are the ones with maximum anti-oxidant contents is the recently stated theory of researchers. Don’t worry about those things because as long as the drink is 100% natural you are not wasting your money.

If you are not a fan of the above mentioned stuff then other drinks high in antioxidants are red wine, different types of tea. All those wine lovers would be happy to read this. Red wine seems to contain Resveratrol found in skins of red grape. This substance seems to be providing antioxidants more than you could find by eating a lot of other stuff. A lot of tests have been carried out by scientists related to resveratrol providing younger looking skins and it seems to be working quite well for people. But the problem is you would have to drink a lot of booze to get the best results.

People with healthy living habbits, seems to have their refrigerators filled with bottles of alkaline water. The real logic behind this is simple. The alkaline water provides a lot of hydrogen ions to our system. This curbs the oxidation process that goes on inside the human body. Oxidation like in real life we have seen metal rods getting rusted. The same process goes on inside our bodies giving out unwanted acidic wastes. Alkaline water seems to be working wonders on that matter. That’s the reason people don’t mind investing in alkaline water systems for their homes. It’s not mandatory to only drink it in pure form, It can even be used to cook food.

Green tea is the word heard everytime people ask for sources of drinks rich in antioxidants. Scientists seem to think otherwise. They think  it provides good amounts of that substance but that much is not absorbed by the cells of the body. They have coined a term called bioavailability for the previous description. So the proportion of green tea taken in by our body has been the concern of many researchers from the universities of Parma and Torino. To be specific the word is Flavanol, the substance our body is looking for to antioxidize it. So they took liquid samples from volunteers and found that our body seems to capture only 40% of the oxidants provided by those tiny little green leaves. This is sincerely not a bad amount as compared to other substances. Green tea not just provides antioxidants, it has an added life saving advantages of preventing cancer as well. These are the outcomes of thorough studies done on its anti-inflammatory qualities.

All said and done drinks rich in antioxidants have to be natural because chemically generated antioxidants have negative effects on our bodies along with their advantages. So it’s your choice whether it’s blueberry juice, green tea or red wine. But have drinks rich in antioxidants look forward to healthier skins and livelier blood cells and that too without emptying your wallets over those costly skin care products which seem to provide a temporary solution to your problems.

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