The Antioxidants in Coffee

During the times of our forefathers, people believed coffee had mysterious powers. Recent studies totally agree with those beliefs that coffee on a regular basis and in normal amounts is very good for our health. The fitness column in newspapers often state caffeine is not good for our health especially our nervous system. It just ruins our sleep cycle but that same cup of coffee is providing you with oodles of antioxidants. Studies say tomato is the richest source of antioxidants but a recent survey showed Americans seem to have more antioxidants in coffee than any other eatables. It does not matter whether it is caffeinated or decaf their antioxidant content appears to be almost same.

This point should be kept in mind that how much amount of antioxidant is present in the beverage is not the point of concern but how much is absorbed into our cells and how much is utilized for improving our health. Antioxidants have been the center of attention lately because of its quality to fight against cancer. Some are linking it to cure against heart diseases. Most of the available fruits and vegetables seem to have a lot of antioxidants in them but what about people on diet which do not have antioxidant rich foods.  For them antioxidants in coffee is like a blessing.

Besides helping complete your work on time, coffee has quite a long list of ways to improve your health. It is known to help you prevent and in early stages fight against colon cancer and in some cases even the cancer in liver. Recent researches even states it helps treat Parkinson’s disease as well as type2 diabetes. Now you will not regret those extra cups of coffee you had the night before project submission. If you are not a coffee fan try black tea it has the second most antioxidant content in beverages. Coffee is calculated to have 4 times more antioxidants than tea.

Polyphenol is the name of the antioxidants present in coffee. In addition to this it is said to have flavonoids, Proanthocyanidins and lot of other vital nutrients. Powerful antioxidants like Chlorogenic and caffeic acids are primary components of coffee. Antioxidants in coffee comprises of quinines which helps reduce the effect of diabetes. Glucose metabolism is aided by magnesium and other minerals along with tocopherols present in coffee. The attractive smell coffee has, is because of the component Trigonelline antioxidant which is the one responsible for anti-bacteria activities. It also prevents dental cavities. The percentage of antioxidants in coffee is quite high. Researchers have proved that antioxidant activity of coffee beans can be elevated by roasting them so people who crave antioxidants can roast their coffee beans even most than usual.

Along with the above mentioned factors it also fulfills are basic requirements of keeping us alert all the time and improves our mental activity. This happens because the caffeine in it stimulates our nervous system. It makes us concentrate on things better than usual and for some it relieves them of their headaches. After intensive studies, it is conclusive that it decreases the odds of person being depressed. Gallstone disease can be prevented by drinking coffee every day. It lowers the tendency to of having a stroke and cirrhosis of lever. Coffee is also known to deal with osteoporosis and heartburn.

The instant kick we get in the brain in the morning and detoxification is all because of the antioxidants in coffee so you should not worry whether it is Italian coffee or organic coffee or even frozen coffee drinks, you will surely reap the benefits of that cup of coffee.

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