Antioxidants in Tomatoes Give You the Energy to Paint the Town Red

Tomatoes are adored and liked by one and all. Children, middle-aged and the elders love sipping on tomato juice, tomato soup or just bites of tomato. It’s an age old argument of whether a tomato is a fruit or a vegetable, well, let’s not get in to that but tomatoes are considered as one of the most popularly raved nutritious fruit. Its nutritional value is derived from the antioxidants in tomatoes. This preferred garden must have fruit or vegetable is botanically a fruit but is crunched upon as a vegetable.

The origin of the two faced tomato:

The Aztecs and the Incas in the early 700 AD started planting tomatoes and later introduced this exceptional fruit or vegetable to the pathfinders from Europe who were retreating from Mexico.

Unlike other fruits and vegetables, tomatoes were always recommended for their nutritional value. It is an opulent source of Vitamin A and Vitamin C. Chemical elements like Calcium and Potassium are a part and parcel of this fibrous vegetable. When you consume tomatoes in your daily diet whether in a cooked form or just raw you intake all the essential nutrients required for resisting unwanted plagues. This vegetable is known as the plush source of Iycopene around the world. Lycopene gives a tomato its signature colour red. This red pigment evades the possibility of Breast, Cervical and Prostate cancer in women and men. Studies have proved that it suppresses the surge of infectious cells that can lead to lung cancer.

In contradiction to the situation of Vitamin D that can be absorbed through sunlight, the body requires Lycopene which is not produced naturally nor can a person absorb it from other sources. Lycopene is scarce in nature and can be found only in tomatoes. Consuming tomatoes impedes heart related diseases and impaired vision. You are less likely to undergo through severe eye problem if tomatoes haven a part of your diet. Antioxidants in tomatoes cultivate a 33 percent increment in shielding against sunburn hence reducing the possibility of succumbing to skin cancer.

Tomato driven uses and products:

Tomatoes are the key ingredient while producing many food products since ages. The most common food product in the market is the tomato ketchup or sauce used in pizzas and pasta. Then there is tomato puree, a liquid form of tomato and very similar to tomato ketchup. Tomatoes have replaced abrasive chemicals used to clean copper pots and are also poured over meat to soften it.  A universal remedy to treat the hair post a dip in the swimming pool to get rid of chlorine is fresh tomato juice. Tomato juice also helps in purging the offal smell of your pets or skunks.

Categorise tomatoes:

Remember the bigger and red the tomato in size, the higher the level on antioxidants in tomatoes.

Tomatoes are categorised into hundreds of varieties. Although there are four basic classifications loosely based on size and shape namely, Cluster tomatoes, Round tomatoes, Roma tomatoes and Heirloom tomatoes. Cluster tomatoes make up as the main ingredient in salads due to their availability in diverse sizes and colours. Places producing cluster tomatoes sell them along with their attached vine. Cluster tomatoes include grape and cherry tomatoes, their names pertain to their size. Gourmet cooks love when cooking recipes that include tomatoes because these vegetable for their various colours and sizes add a zing to the food dressing. There is just one disadvantage tied to these tomatoes that is of a very short life as they tend to perish within no time. The largest in size are Round tomatoes which are primarily used for slicing and making a food item like sandwich. Plum tomatoes are commonly known as Roma tomatoes on the other hand have a composition of thick flesh and least seeds. This structure makes them apt for sauces.

Antioxidants in tomatoes have a beneficial effect on your body so make sure you add this versatile food item in your diet for improved health condition.

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