Antioxidants Present in Cherries

Ask any physician or doctor and he will tell you how beneficial antioxidants are. They are the sole chemicals that can reduce the number of cell destroying compounds that we know as free radicals. They are even highly beneficial when it comes to reducing the chances of one contracting chronic diseases and ailments like cancer, cardio-vascular problems & heart ailments and even constipation.

If consumed in moderate quantities they even help in reducing the harmful cholesterol from the body. Now there are many different fruits and vegetables that have antioxidants in them but many people today prefer having the antioxidants in cherries due to their sweet and tart taste. People like to drink cherry juice and it is available easily today. Many leading brands and beverage making companies manufacture it.

This ruby red fruit is a known combatant of cancer and it does this by eliminating the free radicals that cause this life threatening disease. If the growth of these free radicals is not controlled, it will become life threatening and it can even affect the DNA. The antioxidants in cherries control the growth of these free radicals and thus protect the body. Many cancer specialists also recommend eating ripe cherries as a means to fight cancer.

Besides the antioxidants in cherries are also known to prevent inflammation and also reduce the pain caused by it. Many patients choose to ignore inflammation and do not treat it on time. But if the same is not controlled then it can result in immense damage to the body. Inflammation in both its forms; acute or chronic can result in major problems. Acute inflammation causes redness around the injury, swelling and immense pain. Though it does not stay for long like chronic inflammation, it does cause problems.

Chronic inflammation on the other hand has long term effects and implications on the human body and patients do not recover fast. Again, it is primarily caused due to excess free radicals in the body and use of antioxidants is the only way of preventing it.

Antioxidants in cherries are many and they also have bioflonoids. Hence consuming cherry active drinks helps maintaining healthy muscles and body joints. Moreover, the concentrated cherry juice is also very tasty to consume and this makes it all the more attractive for the masses.

Now the best cherries are available in South America and are called Montmorency cherries. These are known to be the purest and sweetest form of cherries available to the world on the present times. Anyone who has tasted them will find all other cherry species tart and bland in comparison. They are also the richest variants in cherries as far as bioflavonids and antioxidants are concerned. Moreover, they are also known to help in regularizing the uric acid level in the human body as well as irregular sleeping patterns of patients with constant use as per the physician’s advice.

Consuming an active concentrate of cherry is highly beneficial for the body as the drink is highly nutritious. On the antioxidant scale, it gives more than eight thousand two hundred units in every thirty milliliters of the concentrate! Astounding isn’t it! Moreover, one does not need to worry about any after-effects or ill-effects to the body as the concentrate is one hundred percent pure and does not contain any synthetic colors or sweeteners and nor does it have preservatives or added sugar in any form. The ideal way of consuming this concentrate is to dilute it with chilled water and then drink it. One is sure to notice many significant changes in their health and overall energy levels upon regular consumption of this drink as a part of their daily diet.

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