Antioxidants Present in Oats

Oats are a food substance that have been consumed since ages. They are not just eaten in porridge form, or as muesli, but also added to foods like biscuits, bread and cakes. They make for a filling, and healthy breakfst option. The abundance of antioxidants in oats make it a food which enhances overall body health. Oats have several health benefits. These are s follows:

1. Oats consist mainly of carbohydrates. This makes it a wholesome and filling snack. Carbohydrates are very important, as they are energy sources of the body. Also, oats contain a high level of protein, which are the body’s building blocks. The fat content though, is not too high.

2. Oatmeal, and the bran of oats are a very good source of dietary fibre. This helps the body, as sufficient consumption of fibre regulates bowel movements.

3. Antioxidants in oats help reduce cholesterol levels in the body. They absorb the harmful triglycerides, and prevent the fat deposits from clinging to artey walls. This helps prevent heart diseases like arteriosclerosis. Arteriosclerosis is a disease that can be fatal, if not checked in time. It can lead to a cardiac arrest, which in turn can cause death.

4. Antioxidants in oats combine and react with substances known as tocopherols to produce vitamin E. This vitamin is very essential for keeping mucous membranes moist, cell regeneration and inceasing fertility.

5. Oats contain tocotrionols. These are substances that inhibit fatty depositions in blood vessels, and inhibit harmful cholesterol. This helps prevent heart disease.

6. This well known and widely loved breakfast cereal contains phytochemicals. These are essential substances sourced from plants. Consumption of these nutrients help inhibit the formation of cancerous cells in the body.

7. Antioxidants in oats also comprise essential fatty acids. Of these, amino acids top the list. Amino acids are substances that help in the optimum functioning of almost every system in the body. These fatty acids are important to ensure longevity, greater immunity and to slow down the ageing process.


8. Oats are an excellent source of a number of vitamins. They contain B complaex vitamins, essenial to the health of the circulatory system and nervous system. They also contain folic acid and pantothenic acid. Vitamin E is also present in abundance, in oats. Other vitamins present in oats are thiamine, riboflavin, and pyruvic acid.

9 Oats also contain minerals like iron, selenium, copper, phosphorus, and magnesiun which ae very essential to the body and mind’s well-being.

10. Antioxidants in oats like glucan help in faster healing of wounds. This is because, it can navigate speedily to the area of the wound, and heal it effectively.

Oats are an ideal breakfast snack. The numerous health benefits they provide when consumed regularly have been mentioned above. They are also great as beauty aids though. The antioxidants in oats clean up the entire body, internally. This ensures that the minimum of unwanted debris remains in the body. And when impurities are flushed out, the skin and the hair naturally benefit from it. Reduced occurrence of acne, and skin pigmentation can be observed. The hair becomes fuller and shiny, more glossy.

The nutrients possessed by oats help regulate all bodily functions, leading to improved immunity, enhanced stamina and lower incidence of stress. They are hypoallergenic, and help make the skin soft. Oats also help considerably in losing weight, as it is full of fibre. And fibre keeps the stomach full so that you don’t feel hungry, and hence prevents consumption of calorie laden food. All in all, oats can well be considered a Super Food!

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