Antioxidants in Beans Make it a Superfood

Beans are known as an impoverished man’s meal and have delved their way as a part of staple food in all cultures.  Beans are seeds but are laced with opulent amount of vitamins and minerals. The antioxidants in beans help burn fat and reduce noxious possibilities of ravages. Children as well as adults should make it a habit of consuming beans if at all they want to maintain their pre-owned gift called health.

How are beans beneficial?

Beans are among the few plants that were being cultivated since eons. Some beans that have gained loyalists linking the entire world are Kidney beans, Pinto beans, Navy beans, Lima beans, Mung beans and black beans. They were celebrated during prehistoric ages as man consumed and cultivated legumes which belong to the beans family according to records acquired through fossils. Besides grains being the top most food item, beans have achieved the second position with its family that spans with thirty-three thousand kinds of beans. The calorie count in beans is similar to the calorie concentration grains imbibe. The differentiating factor is the level of protein both the food items provide, in this case beans have won the race.

There have been a potpourri of new beans sprouting in the market namely, Cannellini beans which are commonly known as white kidney beans, Great Northern beans, and Garbanzo beans also known as Chickpeas and the most banal type of bean called Kidney beans that adorn a red, white or pink colour. As foodies are accepting and relishing these beans there have been more addition to the family at lightning speed. Scientists and doctors find this practice of habitual need for beans a stride towards conducive health condition as intake of the said food item means assimilation of antioxidants in Beans.

Why this unforeseen interest in beans?

Beans are a fusion of a delectable taste, budding heartiness and ample amount of antioxidants that are mandatory for prolonging goof health. Beans are nor seasonal in nature so their bourgeois nature makes them an easy to get food item that can be purchased at any roadside stall, novelty stores, farmer’s bodega, food court, grocery store, supermarkets, health food outlets and corner stores.

Burn your fat:

Phytonutrients, Folate, Vitamin B, magnesium, potassium, iron and low fat protein make up this fibrous food item. Antioxidants in beans amass all these compounds in large quantities and store them in subtle concentration. Because of their effortless availability and cost effectiveness they have been acclaimed as a poor man’s meal across the globe.

Another exceptional characteristic that beans adorn is Lysine. This extra ordinary amino acid can be located in beans and not in any other vegetables or fruits. Vegetarians have a ball when consuming beans because they need not worry about their daily diet nor do they have to go for their workouts. Carnitine which is crucial for energy production in the body can be harmonized only by Lysine found in beans.

Elders reiterate this saying ‘beans are good for the human heart’. Beans consist of soluble fibre that clean the digestive system by inducing cholesterol related banes and later these banes are excreted before given a chance to get assimilated. If you eat a cup of beans daily or make it a part of your regular diet the cholesterol level can reduce up to 10 percent in six months. Lowering your cholesterol level means, suppressing the possibilities of a stroke or heart attack. This fibrous food item curtails food pangs and leaves you solaced. Beans accommodate the function of lowering blood levels that in turn helps in monitoring your cardiovascular activity.

Antioxidants in beans plays a major role in avoiding medical emergencies, so consider to makes beans a part of your daily meal or snack.

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