Antioxidants in Meat

Adults savor dishes that are prepared around meat, be it white or red. There is no other passionate crunch a foodie could fantasy than having an array of meat palates waiting to be dined upon. Meat is a craving, pang and a weakness for taste buds. People voraciously are consuming meat guilt free because they are familiar with the antioxidants in meat. The juicy scrumptious flesh on a plate oozes out copious amount of nutrients that do not harm you but favor you.

The double-edged sword:

Patients are redundantly reminded that meat is bad for their health, this is unfair. Anything consumed in the right proportions is neither bad nor harmful as it adds on to your physiological nutrient count. Meat is a plush source of Iron, B12, proteins and nonetheless Carnitine that is essential for strengthening the muscles. Absorption of Zinc and cholesterol from meat stimulates production of testosterone.

Adequate levels of testosterone are vital for a man as it enables the immune system to counteract diseases and simultaneously maintain acceptable levels of energy and strengthen muscles. Monitoring cholesterol levels is a must for production of hormones otherwise it might lead to a severe hormonal imbalance.

Meat is a prominent need as a food item for males. The antioxidants in meat have capacity of producing testosterone, provide calcium for building enduring bones, condition the immune system which is administered by Vitamin D and produce abundant zinc. Not in large quantities though, average proportions are acceptable. Too much of everything is bad for health. Excessive consumption of meat can lead to prostate cancer as they provoke insulin, after which suppressing its growth is impossible. Cancer is a deadly bane that needs to be kept at bay whatsoever, so do your bit by consuming less meat.

Insulin growth factor (IGF):

The cell structure develops swiftly and is rigid with the presence of Insulin Growth Factor-1, therefore suppression and hindrance is difficult top achieve. Another coexisting evolution at the same time is cancerous nodes or cells. The increasing cell structure stimulates the development and growth of cancerous nodes and tumors which percolate and metamorphosize into large biles. Men languished with formidable levels of Insulin Growth Factor-1 are likely to succumb to prostate cancer by 40% of increased chances. However scientists claim that eating proportionate amount of meat along with berries, vegetables and fruits can lower your IGF-1 level. The antioxidants in meat help to maintain levels of cholesterol and sugar so that the food item does not endanger your life.

Amount of meat to be consumed:

Men and women who cannot keep their hands off meat should follow this recommended table as this helps to calm your craving and keeps overeating thoughts at bay. It is a good deal because a person can enjoy his or her life to the fullest without obstacles like cancer in his or her life. It is like an unwanted ache in addition to the existing agonies of life. Choosing the best meat is the resolution and having it in pieces is an apt hinge to your life.

You will have to limit red meat, consumption of which cannot cross six ounces, limited to 2-3 times in a week. Grass-fed beef is an apt alternative because it is organic in being and is free from hormonal and antibiotic injections. Buffalo meat is high in Vitamin B content and apparently has less cholesterol in comparison to beef. Switching over to Buffalo meat is not a bad idea. It is high time that people pay close attention to their daily diet and make the right choice.

Antioxidants in meat ensure you are not being harmed by the delicacy, therefore savor it little by little. 

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