Nuts High in Antioxidants

Go nuts! This catch phrase does not intend to offend you but it means that start consuming nuts regularly if you want to live longer and enjoy life to its fullest without any complications. Why is this sudden emergence and demand for nuts? This is because recent studies have proven that nuts high in antioxidants are nutritious and beneficial to increase the longevity of a human being. It might be weird and may seem a joke since nuts are smaller in size and barely make a proper full bite. Remember, good things come in small packages, therefore nuts are considered to be a powerhouse of nutrients.

The fictitious story about nuts:

Human are very dubious species, but they fail to act on it at times. There are many food items that people gobble without knowing the reason why or wanting to know the reason why. Such phlegmatic beings are passive and would try and explore all the facts of life but would be easily induced towards myths and false rumors. Rumors about nuts have been making rounds in all parts of world. Women, especially give in to such rumors effortlessly because they are invariably worried about their outer appearance and assume it as committing sin when gorging on fattening food items. You know what they say about nuts, they will add on to your body weight, this assumption has taken over the world like wild fire. There are several myths accommodating lies such as, Nuts are high-calorie snack and directly contribute to your cholesterol level, they are enriched with fat which will lead to fluctuating cholesterol level and inevitably lead to a heart attack. All of these statements are false. They are the result of a grapevine conversation. On the contrary, Nuts have been a part of people’s diet since ages, it is embedded with saturated fat which literally helps in lowering your High Density Lipoprotein (HDL) furthermore administrating your cholesterol level and repressing the excess. Scientific studies have observed and tested possibilities wherein people consuming nuts high in antioxidants regularly were unlikely to get a heart attack. Apart from this, cancer and tumor are two of the most hostile diseases which can be prevented by consuming nuts on a regular basis.

Nuts overflow with Vitamin E, Proteins, Magnesium and Calcium and are have surplus amount of antioxidants imbibed in them which genuinely help to restore body and health and energy. They are versatile in being therefore can be incorporated in meals as well as can be squeezed between meals or recess. It is worth have a snack made out of nuts rather than relishing on a fast food item because fast food contains superfluous fat content, the immersed oil smacks the cholesterol level which in turn creates obstacles in blood circulation. Later there is a clot formed in the arterial system which no doctor can detect or locate because it is in its initial stage. The clot is all the dirt accumulated through fat and oil resting in the arterial structure because the water in the body was not able to flush it out through the intestinal system along with the other digested food. The arterial system needs to be cleaned and the work is performed only by antioxidants. Nuts high in antioxidants, are absorbed by the human body to cleans and manages all operations initiated internally, they not only manage cholesterol levels but also administer blood level, check on the sugar level and restrict excess sugar, restore energy to the immune system which polices all the cornices of your body day and night, provides strength to your cardiovascular system by steadily smoothening the blood circulation and reducing the chances of a stroke.

Nuts high in antioxidants are worth a try to live a healthy life. So, go ahead and munch on the various nuts and get your life back.

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