The Protective Antioxidants in Almonds

The human body needs nutrients and antioxidants and dry fruits are one of the best sources of the same. Cashew nuts, almonds, pistachios are all known to be really good for us and can benefit a great deal in the long run. The best way to consume these dry fruits is to eat them raw without any addition. For instance, eating almonds raw with their skins and without adding any salt to it is really beneficial. Have you ever tried eating rice cake with almond paste on it? They sure taste heavenly do they not! You can even bake almonds and have them in chocolate brownies and desserts for a truly sinful experience. Many people even eat sliced almonds along with salads or even for breakfast. Some even prefer to eat them during travelling as the antioxidants in almonds are a good way of preventing illnesses.  Here are some more benefits of these amazing dry fruit:

Almonds as a source of Vitamins and Flavonids:

Studies that have been reported in the journal of nutritional biochemistry have indicated that consumption of almonds increases the flavonoids level in the body as also the level of vitamin E. The flavonoids are really helpful antioxidants and have many different health benefits such as having an anti-tumor effect and an anti-inflammatory effect in our body.

Moreover, almonds are also known to be high in other antioxidants such as Epicatechin, Catechin and even Kaempferol that are very powerful and protect our body from different diseases, abnormalities and ailments at different stages of life and even during the course of our daily activities. They protect the body by deactivating the free radicals that are known as compounds that destroy cells leading to various complications like skin ailments, cardiac diseases, strokes and even cancer.

Also, the antioxidants in almonds and the vitamins in them work together and thus their work in conjunction with each other is even more beneficial. This combination is known to prevent the oxidization of the bad cholesterol, i.e. LDL.  Researchers have proved that consumption of a handful of almonds as part of the daily diet even helps in reducing the LDL levels in the body without causing any substantial weight gain. Almonds do this with the help of their fiber content which reduces hunger pangs and also due to the fact that almonds by themselves are very satiating to consume.

Other salient Advantages of Almonds:

Apart from the vitamins antioxidants in almonds, they also have many other nutrients. For instance, almonds have a substantial quantity of monounsaturated fat which is good for the body. Many physicians and health care specialists recommend almonds in winter as they contain essential oils that protect the skin from the harsh cold weather conditions.

Apart from the antioxidants in almonds, there are even many other essential fatty acids that the body requires for vital functions like the division of cells, proper functioning of the skin membrane, and even for the development of the brain. The acids in almonds are known to improve the long-term as well as the short term memory of growing children and teenagers. Almonds are even good for healing dry skin. Almond oil is known to give volume to dry frizzled hair and consumption of this miracle dry fruit even aids in constipation treatment!

What’s more, research has proved that Omega 3 or Alpha Linolenic Acid, the essential fatty acid found in almonds when consumed in combination with Omega 6 or Linolenic Acid can benefit the body greatly in the long run. This is why medical practitioners advice consuming a combination of different oils and nuts in order to get the perfect balance of oils.

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