Spices High in Antioxidants – The Staunch Medicine for your Ill Health

Spice, this attribute is needless of any introduction. There is no person in the wide planet that is unfamiliar with spices. But he or she might be ignorant about the health benefits spices adorn. Spices may be used with the pure notion of adding flavour to your food but the thought spices high in antioxidants must have never crossed your mind. Yes, it is a fact proven by scientific studies that spice is abundant in nutrients needed to maintain good and active health.

What are spices?

It can be a fruit, bark, seed, root or just a liquid substance added to your food item while cooking to bring out the flavours and add fragrance. The health attributes appear insignificant because spices are just known for their flavouring deeds across the world. Many tribes used them as a preservative because it manifests strength to eradicate bacterial growth. Spices are distinguished into another realm called herbs. Both these elements are used during rituals according to religious customs and in other walks of life such as medicine, perfumes and cosmetics etc.

It is an age old cooking method to use spices which can be traced back to 50,000 BC. Spices were originated in the land of Middle East and made their way to other parts of the world via this route. Spices have their own chronicles that have commenced in every corner of the land. For example, Vasco Da Gama sailed thousands of miles to India just in search of spices. These explorers were well aquatinted with the fat of spices high in antioxidants that is why they prepared themselves for such long voyages across the globe.

Benefits of spices:

The antioxidants:

This said compound in a vegetables or fruit diminishes dangerous and harmful free radicals in a person’s body. These radicals are unstable in nature and cause chronic illnesses. There are very strong and are capable of developing cancerous tumours in Lungs, Colon, Breasts and Throat. These antioxidant enzymes rid the intestinal system and arteries from cancerous nodes. Radicals many times damage the cells and connective tissues in turn Antioxidants help build stronger connective tissues and repair the cellular structure instantly. In rare occasion a person might undergo oxidative stress and later may be exposed to oxidative damage. This occurs when a person lacks antioxidants to rub off the surplus radicals. On the other hand, stress is influenced by many factors such as pollution, overwork, infection, radiation, drugs and obesity. In such cases intake of antioxidants becomes mandatory as they hinder the chances of such mishaps.

Oxidative stress:

Stress due to oxidation compromise a person’s health condition and can insinuate an array of deadly diseases. For instance, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular diseases, cancer and the most common diabetes that is known for slow death. The human body produces vitamins and minerals but the most primary of the lot have to be restored by intake of supplements therefore doctors reiterate that spices high in antioxidants. Antioxidants based herbs and spices are the cure to all your severe medical condition. Among all the categories of food, spices are the topmost item to be endowed with abundant nutrients

Inflammatory diseases:

Inflammation is the core cause of incessant diseases. Such plagues force the body to succumb to unhealthy organ and tissue damages. Inflammation is roused by numerous elements like infections, scarring, gum diseases, obesity, autoimmune sickness and toxins released by radicals. Phytonutrients along with other nutritious compounds are an ensemble in spices therefore spices are a powerhouse due to which they counteract diseases effortlessly. The cogent spices amongst all are ginger, garlic, rosemary, oregano, turmeric and thyme.

Spices high in antioxidants make them strong agents and allies of maintaining good health.

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