Turmeric – The Key to Quality Life

It has been an age old argument whether turmeric is a spice or an herb. Though a spice and an herb belong to the same food group and are applicable in cuisines spread across one umbrella. Have you ever thought why is turmeric considered as one of the most respected spice? This is because of the antioxidants in turmeric which makes it so famous among cooks and foodies.

The most valuable spice:

The attributes of turmeric are exceptional in being, they not only blend in well in the culinary field but also have helped scientist’s further development in their respective medicinal field. Turmeric has not ceased to amaze scientists because of its natural medicinal value. It can be simply defined as a spice with elements that are anti-Alzheimer’s and anti-cancerous. It aides the body in fighting against these two deadly plagues. People who have been incorporating turmeric as one of their cooking agents have least chances of acquiring such ravages. But the percentage of the people who have been snubbing this spice may have just increased their chances of succumbing to Alzheimer’s and cancer. The antioxidants in turmeric have been rated among the best five in the market.

Radical damage:

Free radicals are unstable antibodies that injure the digestive, immune and cardiovascular system of the body severely. The destruction can be so serious that you might lose your digestive system and arterial system to cancerous nodes pulping your anatomy. When you shun intake of necessary vitamins and minerals or supplements providing the same you are actually pushing your body into sheer maceration which eventually gives in and becomes the victim of baneful diseases. Radicals are solely responsible for stress occurring due to oxidation and other relevant environmental factors. Unstable radicals influence these mild factors that later evolve into violent maladies. The connective tissues covering your entire body and your cell structure is damaged by such maladies within no time. Therefore to avoid all these critical health conditions general practitioners reiterate intake of antioxidants in turmeric by incorporating it in your cuisine while cooking.

Curcumin is the chief compound found in turmeric and is one of the most sought after compound among all the spices. Curcumin has amassed immense popularity because of its exceptional potential to nurse and shun breast cancer. Other than that, cancerous nodes in the bladder, cervix, stomach and uterus are hindered by the said compound. In comparison to Phytonutrients found in other fruits and vegetables even some spices, Curcumin’s capability and strength weighs ten times more. It exhibits chemoprotective characteristics that are anti-cancer in nature as compared to its counterparts.

Mechanisms that tackle cancer:

Curcumin urges the body to build mechanisms that can tackle tumours even if it has developed in the intestinal system. Moreover, the antioxidants in turmeric clean the intestines free of such antibodies. Curcumin strategizes its killing approach towards cancerous nodes and tumours which is also known as Apoptosis. It activates this function and terminates the cancerous grid in the body. It impedes and restricts reproduction and duplication of cancer nodes by protecting the DNA. It is also responsible for curbing abnormal blood cells that harvest tumour and cancer nodes and help stimulation of such plagues and close agents. But the reason as to why turmeric has been centred as one of the best prevention allies is restriction of breast cancer. This baleful disease needs a stimulant like Estrogen to survive, since women are abundant with estrogenic substances the body succumbs to breast cancer. Curcumin restricts this criticality with its chemo therapeutic approach that is by fighting the root of such a disease by its anti-cancerous enzymes that are designed to eliminate cancers.

Traditional use and modern approach when fused together can make your life easier. So do not miss out on spices while cooking especially turmeric, as antioxidants in turmeric can relieve you from clinging banes.

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