Antioxidants in Acai Berries

On the lands of Panama and Brazil are the countries from Central America which are known to have palm tree bearing a fruit called acai berry. The inhabitants of this region used this fruit as regular part of their diet for certain ailments and in general to stay fit. The reason behind this fruit being so powerful and that it helps people keep well is because of the antioxidants in acai. The antioxidant content of acai berry is known be 10 times that of grapefruit and shockingly 30 times that of red wine. Polyphenols a strong antioxidant is an important constituent of acai berry and even anthocyanin is the other important one. These nutrients have the capability of overpowering the free radicals which tend to destroy our heath body cells.

An explanation of the working of antioxidants will quite helpful for you to understand the importance of acai berry fruit. It is natural process that our cells are destroyed by free radicals by the process of oxidation. You will not able to defend yourself against cardiovascular and carcinogenic diseases if you are not in the position bring the oxidation process in your body under control. Also your aging process is stimulated if oxidation is not curbed. Pollution in our surroundings seems to make condition even worse.

Every day we gulp down a lot toxins when we have junk food. There are toxic substances inside those food materials which to excrete out of our system as soon as possible before it creating problems for our body. That’s the reason we need a lot of antioxidants running with our blood stream. The presence of sufficient antioxidants applies brakes on the process of oxidation carried out in our body cells. American scientists have recently discovered the fitness mantra of native Brazilians is the inclusion of antioxidants in acai berry in their diet.

Acai berries supplements are included in almost every weight loss programme. Consuming acai berry results in an elevated metabolic rate. When your metabolic rate increases, your calories start to burn. This is the reason it has weight losing capabilities. Presence of enormous amounts of antioxidants is responsible for it and many other benefits like breaking down fats, energetic life and fatigue free days. When all these features are combined you will see that you have lost quite a few pounds over a stipulated period of time and that too without any side-effects. These statements are even backed up by many well known researchers.

There have been reports of various incidents were people who had regular dose of nutrients in acai lived a very happy and healthy life. In addition, older people who consumed acai berry looked a lot younger than their actual age. These incidents show that how important it is to eat acai berry. Since the antioxidants in acai are new many scientists all over the world. Not much research has been done on this subject but still it is known that carcinogenic cells can be destroyed with the nutrients present in this precious fruit.

A strong heart is the result of having a lot of acai berries. Now-a-days diet of people is major concern as they all contain cholesterol which clogs our arteries. The solution is to have antioxidants in acai berries. That is because it improves the blood circulation in your body and pumps out blood efficiently not allowing any deposition of cholesterol on the inside of arterial pipes. This fruit has also proved that it can improve our concentration levels. Nature provides us with plenty of these fruit full of nutrients but if you are not satisfied with their antioxidant content then you can have their supplements too.

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