Antioxidants in Spirulina

Now-a-days malls are filled those health supplements, protein shakes, diet pills which promises complete health package but most of them turn out to be just fakes or sometimes even cause bad side-effects. Out of all this an aquatic plant stands out to be a ultimate health food and it’s named Spirulina.

There are more than 25,000 varieties of algae available in our world. Spirulina is one of them. Our body needs carotenoids in plenty and Spirulina provides us with the same and to be specific is gives us beta carotene. The phytonutrients present in them gives our bodies the immunity that we require against deadliest of diseases and also makes us healthy in wider sense. That’s the reason it is called a super food. It tends both human and animal needs. Yellow xanthophylls are one of the major components of its nutritional contents.

The antioxidants in algae provide us with the protection we need with the help of carotenoids. To put in clear words, this is the thing that keeps you strong against cancer and other lethal diseases. The above mentioned activity needs naturally produced beta-carotenes and not those synthetic ones claim to have the same effect. Spirulina’s nutrient table comprises of 60 percent herbal proteins, amino acids, minerals like iron, calcium, zinc, magnesium and other health essential vitamins like B6, B12, and b1etc. That list of minerals and vitamins is quite long so you could understand how important this plant is.

Spirulina is the blue green algae which helps boost our immune system. Antioxidants in spirulina are what we hear from many doctors prescribing their patients to have maximum health benefits. They recommend having it with drinks on regular basis to make it a part of our life. Antioxidants prevent the body from ageing. The idea behind is that they nullify the effects of free radicals in our body and preventing oxidation. They totally eradicate the process of cell destruction and make the cell more active and durable. Scientists have researched intensively to find out that these antioxidants in spirulina are useful in treating cancer and other skin diseases.

Spirulina supplements when taken in regular doses its helps decrease the level of LDL cholesterol. It is also found to be soothing for the inflammations which are incurred by arthritis. It has been used to lower triglycerides and blood pressure since ages in Japan and other countries but people have brought it to the limelight only now after all those years of using it. The early clinical trials were not able to make people understand the importance of antioxidants in cancer prevention but as the 90’s came the picture was quite clear and scientists had actually found something to fight against cancer which was every doctor’s wish. In 1993, clinical trials were performed on few men and women to find how beta-carotene and selenium acted on intestinal cancer risk. The research resulted to have reduced the effects of gastric cancer with help of previously mentioned mixture which are nothings but antioxidants in spirulina.

         Supplements providing spirulina nutrients have tremendous effects on our health, both inner and outer. It provides us with adequate levels of vital fatty acids which are a must have for our body. It is available in tablets as well as powder form. An international body named NASA has claimed that instead of having 1000kgs of fruits and veggies have 1 kilogram of spirulina and your body will have the same amount of nutrients. This natural blue green algae is a must have for every guy who aims to be fit and healthy for life.

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