Antioxidants in Cabbage

Cabbage is something which is seen in American cuisines as a rare content of any food. Americans don’t fancy cabbage as a part of their platter. However, if served with mayonnaise-laden coleslaw it is said to serve as a great appetite. Sometimes the name itself can be not so soothing to your ears. Moreover, it’s the rotten like smell that it releases can elicit a nose wrinkle. But these not so liked characteristic cannot take away the numerous features of cabbage. It high on nutritive value and has innumerous benefits of its consumption.

People share the same feeling for broccoli and cabbage. But one can’t give up on the nutrient content these both have. Both these vegetables go neck to neck in antioxidant level. Cabbage helps as a great ailment for various diseases and injuries. Cancer patients need to ensure that cabbage becomes a regular part of their diet, especially those who are suffering from breast cancer, bladder and colo-rectal cancer. Cabbage is a great is a great source of sinigrin. To be more particular, Savoy is also rich in sinigrin. But cabbage and Savoy is not the only vegetable rich in sinigrin. Brussels sprouts and broccoli also make a great sinigrin content. The sinigrin in cabbage has a great nutrient value. This sinigrin can me converted in to allyl-isothiocyanate, or AITC. These acids are said to have tremendous resistance against cancers. There is no doubt hat cabbage is not so favorite but has many other nutrient which is vital for human body. At the same time its capability to fight against cancer makes it a must have vegetable.

Even after knowing this, it still will not be a easy task to include it your daily diet. So, cabbage has still more reasons to be on your plate. Cabbage is rich in iron which is very important for children and also aged people. Cabbage is also a sulfur rich vegetable. It helps to add to your body muscles hence, an important diet for all d gym freaks. Its nutrients also help to improve your eyesight. Cabbage helps to direct all the toxic content in the body through your blood and let them out thus detoxifying one’s body. In spite of being such a high nutrient vegetable it still has one of the least calorie content. Thus a great news for all diet people. A 100 gram serving of cabbage possesses only about 24 calories.

Well if u think cabbage is just a bad tasted vegetable, then better taste other species of cabbage too, it will certainly change your perception. Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage is said to be a true appetizer. Green heirloom variety is also specie which is good at taste. Best thing about this sub-group is that they can be eaten raw. One can also add to their taste by just sautéing, or steaming them and this will also increase its nutrient value. Well the health benefits with these two specie remains the same. Cabbage, hence, can be of great vitality and must a part of a daily diet.

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