Antioxidants in Carrots

There is a variety of tasty delicacies that can be made from carrots. Carrots can be added to the recipes of soups, juices, fluffy cakes and muffins. It can be used as garnishes on top of dishes. Children usually hate eating vegetables. Be creative! Try making it sweet, tangy of even spicy so that kids will love to eat it every time you serve that dish. Use some tricks to use it in muffins or even homemade ice-creams is good option. You know how children are when it comes to ice-creams. Just make sure to include a lot of carrots in your family’s daily diet with any means possible. The antioxidants in carrots will do wonders for their health.

Some people make their children eat raw carrots because they believe it contains a lot of vitamins. They think if they put carrots through long processes of cooking it will lose the trace nutrients it contains. Such parents should keep in mind that children don’t like to be forced to eat stuff they don’t like so after a while they will completely stop eating carrots which is not a good thing. Parents can’t even blame them because raw carrots does not even taste that good from a child’s point of view. Carrots are one of the important vegetables available to human beings.

Carrots are non-fat and low on sodium. It has high fiber and vitamin A contents. The percentage of cholesterol in it is nil. Do you think this is enough to motivate you have lots of carrots? If not keep reading to know how much healthy this orange vegetable will make you. Antioxidants in carrots are the ones responsible for all its benefits. The antioxidants present in carrots are named alpha carotene, gamma carotene, glutathione and how can I forget the most important; beta carotene. It is also known to contain phytochemicals and vitamins like retinol, ascorbic acid and vitamin E. Carotenoids are converted to vitamins inside our body. if you have an intake of atleast 200 grams of  carrot then your body will have 22000 milligrams of vitamin A. That’s because as it is it contains vitamin A with that the added vitamins from beta carotene.

Antioxidants in carrots are known for the overall protection of your body. It is also famous for improvement of your nails and skin. If you had noticed then you must know that most of the beautifying pills available in the market contain antioxidants. But you don’t need to waste money on such pills if you consume the required variety of fruits and vegetables. Professional beauty salons will have to shut down if every customer of theirs starts having carrots every day.

If your daily diet includes carrots then cholesterol levels in your body will be lowered. Your blood pressure will always be normal. This insures you with reduced chances of any kind of heart related diseases. You notice a considerable boost in your immune system. Night blindness will always be a kind of eye problem you read in books. It is even known to increase the amount of nutrients in breast milk. The nutrients in carrots provide fast healing of wounds. Antioxidants in carrots are known for its cancer prevention properties. Infections won’t be bothering you anymore. Bronchitis is known to have an enemy in one of the nutrients present in carrots. So you will have a fighter of bronchitis causing agent in your body. Magnesium is also present in carrots which are the nutrient that helps in mental development. Carrots help you prevent anemia. So what are you waiting for just go and grab hold of lots of carrots.

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