Antioxidants in Spinach

The health benefits of spinach are known to every mother in every household. Since many years, nutritionists just can’t stop themselves from telling people the power, spinach has, when it comes to looking after our health. Its presence makes up for one of the healthiest diet a man can ever hope to have. You have seen since childhood how eating spinach makes Popeye powerful. The creators of that cartoon just did not choose that food material at random. Even they knew how important it was for children to have spinach. That is why mothers always included this vegetable in your diet in some way or the other.

Spinach is the green colored vegetable which is filled with vital vitamins like ascorbic acid, folic acid and vitamin K. It contains minerals like potassium, magnesium and even traces of phosphorus. Spinach is known all over the world for being the richest source of iron and this mineral is must have for every drop of human blood. Antioxidants in spinach are the nutrient which should draw your attention the most. Beta carotene and lutein are antioxidants mentioned above.

Providing enormous quantities of fiber is one of the most important benefits of spinach. Many Americans are known to have fiber deficiency and this is the cause of a number health issues in them. That is why many people in America are known to have medical complications in there intestines and may even increase the risk of stomach cancer in them. This is how important fiber is, for your body. So fiber intake through spinach must be a daily ritual for you. Even the antioxidants in spinach are known to fight for this cause. This green vegetable is like a life saver in every aspect of health.

The reason why people who regularly eat spinach have such a strong heart is that they have a lot of insoluble fiber in them. This fiber even protects other important organs as well. All thanks to this green leafy vegetable people are not only strong enough to fight heart related disease but it has been stated by various scientists that it also provides them with the strength to destroy any carcinoma causing agents entering their body.

Studies at some of the world renowned universities have shown that antioxidants in spinach have the ability to reduce the risk of colon cancer as well as prostate cancer. Beta carotene is a strong antioxidant present inside this tasty vegetable. This nutrient is known for its power to protect us from cancer of various kinds. These carotenoids have the capacity to totally eradicate the free radicals that try to damage the healthy cells inside our body. These free radicals are excreted out of the body like every other waste material. Other antioxidants residing inside spinach are lutein and vitamin E. not many know this fact that even vitamin E possesses very strong antioxidant properties. That is the reason some people call antioxidants in spinach; “The life savers”.

Another advantage of spinach is it available in every vegetable store in town. Its price is affordable to everyone who is able to purchase other usual fruit and vegetables. You can even grow spinach in your house as this vegetable is compatible with most of the climate and soils of the world. Whether it’s homemade or you have purchased it, more or less you will have the same percentage of nutrients in each leaf of this vegetable. It’s very important that you don’t overcook spinach   because more than required amount of heat could destroy all the necessary vitamins in them. After reading this article spinach should be on top of your list the next you visit the vegetable market.

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