The Antioxidants in Onions Can Rid Your Body From Incessant Plagues

Onions can make you weep like a baby but in turn they let you savour your favourite grub because of the zing that is added by onions. This weepy vegetable is not cruel in nature but is full of nutrition which is vital for your well being.  The antioxidants in onions make this vegetable special in the vegetable kingdom. Unlike potatoes and tomatoes, Onions weigh much higher in nutritional value.

From the family of lilies:

Scallions and garlic can be referred as onions cousins because all of these three have originated from the Lili family. The genus being Allium, onions are spawned through it. There are wide varieties of onions available in the market like common onion, bulb onion, garden onion, wild and potato onions and so on. Every nook and corner of the world, each tribe has coined onions with their own special name. Onion has a seasoning attribute which makes it the chief ingredient in all cuisines.

Throughout the globe there is a certain position reserved for onions. Besides tomatoes, Onions are being globally cultivated making it the second best in vegetable popularity. Asia, Europe and North America are the sole distributors of onions worldwide. Aside from utilizing onions for its medicinal value, it is also used for preparing food and other necessities.

Onions appear in diverse colours ranging from yellow, green, white and red which adorn their rare fragrance and flavour. The antioxidants in onions range according to its intense colour. There are people who eat raw onions, roasted onions or fried onions according to their cultural tradition. Salads, spreads, soups and sauces are incomplete without onions.

The ingrained quality in onions that is familiar with one and all is making you teary-eyed when peeling off its skin. In scientific terms, the levels of cysteine sulfoxides are high therefore it is able to influence lacrimation. This distinctive quality rooted in onions make it strong enough to combat bacteria namely, bacillus subtilis, E-coli and salmonella. Less concentration of sulphur makes onion impotent as compared to garlic. However onion is abundant in sulfoxides, thiosulfinates and sulphides.

The immune boosters:

Onions are considered as the immune powering machines. As they boost and strengthen the immune system to counterattack Asthma, common cold and cough. Centuries ago, China used onions for their medicinal value to nurse coughs, respiratory conditions and bacterial infections. Onions are also regarded as great insect repellents, to dodge cockroaches and mosquitoes.

There is rare element called Fructo-Oligosaccharides that can be located in onions, it is a dexterous compound that encourages development of favourable bacteria called Bifidobacteria simultaneously reduces the chances of cancer by suppressing the spread destructive bacteria in the parts of the colon. Maintenance of the cardiovascular system is of high priority as due to intake of junk food creates an adverse impact that can eventually lead to heart attacks. Thanks to onions it administrates and regulates the blood levels in a person and lowers the blood lipids. Flavanoids in onions are obliged to maintain a healthy throbbing heart. They say internal bleeding cannot be prevented but if you are a fan of onions then you might know that onions have attributes of anti-clotting that avoids strokes.

Tumours and cancerous nodes are counteracted by onions well in advance. The sulphides in onions shield people against tumours and such deadly plagues. Consumption of onion is necessary because according to researchers the antioxidants in onions, lower the possibility of cancer and tumour by 40% in people eating it regularly. O9n the hand, people surviving on a non-onion diet increase their risk by 30% of succumbing to cancer.

Onions are not just vegetables but can mean much more if you do not snub it but consume the antioxidants in onions.

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