Vegetables High in Beta Carotene

Just because this nutrient is fat-soluble it does not mean that it should be consumed with the help of pills and jellies. In the recent years people have become more and more concerned about their health. They are getting the idea about how a good nutritional diet can help them live a longer and healthier life. People who read various health related books and articles are becoming aware of the importance of fruits and vegetables with beta carotene. Deficiency of this nutrient gives rise to symptoms of various harmful diseases. That may be even detrimental to your life. In I wanted to explain this in brief; inadequate amounts of this carotenoid in your system can increase the risk of premature ageing, inflammation of the skin and a skin disease like keratinization of skin cells, issues with eyesight like nyctalopia (night-blindness) and inability to see objects which are very close to your eyes. It is even known to increase the chances of getting carcinoma of different organs of the body. Respiratory system if also affected due to lack of beta carotene.

According to researchers in the medical field, having sufficient amounts of fruits and vegetables with beta carotene in their every day diet can help reduce the risk of having problems related to eyes, cancer and heart-attacks. Take night-blindness for instance. Night-blindness is the cause of premature aging of tissues of the eyes. Your eyes require enormous amounts of this nutrient to take care of the yellow spots and to make sure you have perfect eyesight. If people are not able to supply them with enough beta carotene then their eye sight with get weaker day by day until they are completely blind in dim light. That’s nothing but nyctalopia. Therefore we should eat lots of fruits and vegetables with beta carotene to get rid of such problems.

In another subject, proliferation of this nutrient could help you resist symptoms of aging. These antioxidants are known to defend us against those hazardous free radicals. These deadly elements are so hazardous that they could destroy an entire human organ if left untreated and still spread to other parts of the body. Antioxidants like the one about which this whole article is about aid in the mass destruction of such free radicals which oxidize the cells that come in their contact. Vitamin E is also an antioxidant that is present with beta carotene in almost every food material. Even supplements that are made have a coexistence of these nutrients. They help carotenoids perform their functions in more efficient manner.

Vegetables with beta carotene in plenty are asparagus, coriander leaves, carrots, spinach, collards, sweet potatoes and many other green leafy products of nature. Fruits are also known to contain them but in smaller percentages. In the recent past a lot people have become attracted to the great qualities of this nutrient. Huge pharmaceutical corporations have already started making supplements of this nutrient and are already earning making huge profits out of the benefits they have seen of beta carotene. However, supplementation should in controlled amounts. A fully grown person should take 15 to 50 milligrams of beta carotene every day. Till now no research has been done on fact that whether it harmful to the embryo or the women carrying it. That is why pregnant women must consult their gynecologist if they wish to have supplements of this nutrient. Instead spending your money on something that’s created in a lab it’s better to just have lots of natural reddish yellow vegetables which contain this carotenoid. In most cases, natural products are better than their synthetic counterparts.

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